Monday, August 20, 2007

Windfarms Are Killers

There's a letter in the Scotsman this morning inspired, if that's the right word by the death in the Borders of the Golden Eagle by poisoning. Mark Duchamp the windfarms and research manager at Iberica 2000 in Spain reports that a Golden Eagle died at the Beinn Tuiric windfarm as did a Sea Eagle at a lone wind turbine on a Hebridean Island. Most disturbing of all is that "75-165 eagles to be killed by the Pairc windfarm (Lewis ) over its useful life, this hasn't made the news. Yet the prediction was published by Scottish & Southern Energy, the windfarm developer."



Sir James Beiggelschwarz said...

Those windfarms must be unmitigated evil, Richard.

Richard Havers said...

No, just an unmitigated waste of money and the cause of grown people to peddle complete tosh about their effectiveness.


r morris said...

Sir James, you are a man of a million faces.
However, for 108 years old, you look great!