Sunday, August 05, 2007

SNP Snouts in the Trough

Here we go.

It wasn't long before the SNP stepped up to the trough and got their collective snouts in it, led by the head snouter - he of the expanding waistline - Alex Salmond. According to the Scotsman a sumptuous dinner held by our newly elected First Minister in honour of his party patron Sir Sean Connery and attended by leading party donors has been charged to the taxpayer at a cost of nearly £1,500. Also at the dinner were party donors Sir Tom Farmer and Brian Souter, who between them gave £600,000 to help bankroll the SNP's successful election bid. When questioned about who was at the dinner the Executive said they could not officially release the names of guests as this would breach data protection principles. What a bloody laugh that is - they are our government, spending our money, entertaining their supporters - all of whom have more money than most of us.

Now here's the really bad bit - apart from why are we spending that kind of money of the ex-milkman. Guests were served Prosciutto di Parma for starters, followed by wild Scottish sea bass for their main course, then a selection of cheese and Torta di Limon.

Can't we rustle up a locally produced starter? Lemon tart, very Scottish. What about a deep-fried Mars Bar for afters? It is little wonder that these politicians lose our respect when they are so lacking in respect for the electorate and the taxpayer.

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