Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Slight on the Hoi Polloi

You have to wonder at how we end up with some of the elected officials that we do. Yesterday the leader of Edinburgh City council Jenny Dawe and George Grubb, the Lord Provost, have asked for a report on plans to restore the traditional red and black robes, and their accompanying tricorn hats.

Mrs Dawe, a Liberal Democrat, said: "We are only asking for a report at this stage on the reintroduction of the robes for some civic occasions ... we're not committing to spending any money. I'm not for a minute suggesting we should come into the City Chambers every day wearing robes, but there are important civic occasions when I feel it would be important to set us apart from the hoi polloi."

She clearly doesn't understand that the meaning of Hoi Polloi - Greek for the masses' is almost exclusively used in a slightening sense. More to the point, why spend the money on either a study or potentially the robes? Self-aggrandisement is almost always unattractive.

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Birthday Girl said...

These are, of course, the same people who are currently trying to close umpteen schools. You'd have thought their minds would be too full of the stushie that's causing to be thinking about 'new boots and panties'.