Saturday, August 04, 2007

Family Fortunes

Given the longevity of some bands it is sometimes tricky if you are asked to name all the members down the years. But there are some that are just impossible. Fleetwood Mac of course give you a head start with two names, but after the obvious Green, Christine McVie, Nicks and Buckingham it starts to get more difficult. Especially when people like Dave Mason, formerly of Traffic, joined for just one album. Santana is another that’s a tough call, and that’s not including all those people that turned up as guests on their recent albums. Perhaps worst of all is Fairport Convention, a band that truly defines dynastic. For good measure chuck in The Byrds, The Mothers of Invention, and The Grateful Dead and you could keep yourself amused for hours


Anonymous said...

Some other tricky ones would be the Temptations and the Grass Roots.

Ian russell said...

and those bands that no longer have any original members! (Fairport was like that only I think one of the originals has rejoined).