Thursday, August 23, 2007

Corporate To Last

Ever wondered where the idea for the Chicago logo came from?

John Berg, the head of the art department at CBS got designer Nick Fasciano to produce it to his layout. On almost all the band’s albums the logo is in the same place and is about the same size on each one. They were arguably the first band to take corporate branding seriously- some have argued it was perhaps a weakness, but they're still touring and the logo looks no different. Check out their website HERE


r morris said...

Great group, Chicago. Love the horns and the energy.
I will be seeing them in concert in a few weeks, at the County Fair, hopefully.

Sir James Beiggelschwarz said...

Now that's more than interesting about the corporate approach to bands.

r morris said...

And the most famous logo of them all in rock? The Rolling Stones lips and tongue.