Thursday, August 09, 2007

Come Together - Right Now....

An interesting post over at Danuta Kean's excellent blog got me thinking. It's all about celebrity marriages and goes on to look at unusual pop duets. It reminded me of The Sutherland Brothers and Quiver, who had a modest hit in 1976 with Arms of Mary, they were originally two bands but when they merged they decided to stick with both names. Perhaps we could extend the putting artists together in real duets to imaginary coming togethers.

Beautiful South Go West
Swing Out Sister Sledge
The The Love Love & Money
Bee Gee Sting
Badly Drawn Boyzone
Beach Beastie Boys
Snoop Dogg It Bites
Crosby, Stills, Nash, Wilson, Phillips & Young
Stevie Wonder Stuff
Yello, Black & Blue
Johnnie Ray Gun
Sweet Vanilla Fudge
Marvin Gaye’s Gay Dad
Billy Idol & Paul Young
Jam & Bread

Danuta even got into the swing of it - probably against her better judgement.....Babyshambles 69


David Ross said...

Here's another:

Arctic Monkeys Coldplay

ian russell said...

Free Love
Dollar 50 Cent
Guess Who? Who Yes

ian russell said...

Police The Beat
Aztec Camera with Arab Strap
Mungo Jerry Can
Squeeze The Tubes
Family Meat Loaf
Bad Company Cars

r morris said...

How do you guys come up with these? It makes my brain hurt.