Tuesday, July 03, 2007


This letter is in today's Scotsman from Dr. David Bellamy.

Why is Germany considering the building of up to 26 coal-fired power stations when they already have 17,000 wind turbines whirring away to the delight of the European green lobby?

Why? Because German E.ON who are doing a roaring trade building windfarms in Scotland and Wales have admitted in their own reports that however many wind turbines they build or sell, without the right back-up they will not provide grid security and herald power cuts across Europe.

E.ON UK must be aware of this shortcoming of their parent company's technology. Surely, it is only fair for them to warn their collaborators in Britain like Greenpeace, and FOE, to name but a few, before it is too late

Two things. Why is there not more talk and action from the government in Westminster and Holyrood about saving electricity? Surely is the subsidies for onshore wind turbines were cut then businesses and landowners would not be rushing headlong into their construction. Turbines are gesture politics by windbaggers with a klondyke mentality.

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