Sunday, July 22, 2007

Travel Green?

67% of Americans would rather travel in an eco-friendly way, according to a survey done this spring by the online travel company Orbitz. About 65% of travellers would be more likely to stay at a hotel if it used solar or wind power, and 63% would pay more to rent a hybrid vehicle or stay at a "green" hotel.

Ah, but, would they? Would people really pay more and how much more to 'travel green’? Clearly in the UK we're paying more to travel green or not green, without a real choice, given the governments love of taxing us for the privilege. If the prices were brought down and then we were offered a choice then it could all be so very different. Will any government really grasp the nettle?


r morris said...

I personally would be willing to pay a little more to be green. For now, this is purely a personal decision, but my guess is, as time goes by, more and more environmentally-friendly options will become mandatory.

We just got back from Oregon, where they are light-years ahead of Idaho on green issues. They have recycling pickups on trash day, charge a deposit on aluminum cans to encourage returns, and I saw a lot of hybrid cars. (Idaho is home of the monster pickup).

Not being a frequent air traveler, I plead ignorance. I don't like high ticket prices, but if it is necessary to make positive, tangible, proven steps in saving the earth in the long run, I'd be willing to do it.

With public acceptance and use, the price of alternative energy will decrease. We just don't seem to be ready to make the move yet.

It probably doesn't help that our government is controlled by big business and dedicated to maintaining the status quo.

Anonymous said...
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Lord Straf-Moran said...

If prices came down, there'd possibly be no choice because surely everyone would go green?