Thursday, July 26, 2007

Smug Salmond

According to the headline of the main article in the Scotsman this morning – ‘Skilful Salmond returns to Westminster as the political assassin’. Having watched his performance on the BBC Scottish news last night and then read the article I wondered whether its writer was watching the same performance as I was. The journalist goes on to say. "After an absence of nearly three months, Scotland's Nationalist First Minister swept into the most British of institutions - Buckingham Palace and the House of Commons - with a sense of ownership."

Oh please. What a joke. He was merely another MP asking a question, he was sworn in as a Privy Councillor and he had a press conference. And guess what? It is only the Scottish media that even noticed his presence. It wasn't even covered in the main news. And as for the smiling assassin I just don't get it. There's was nothing contentious and nothing even remotely tricky for Gordon Brown.

The media here seems obsessed with how clever Alex Salmond is, he's beginning to look increasingly smug and that usually precedes a fall.

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