Monday, July 16, 2007

Silly Season Comes Early

According to the Scotsman one of the day's top stories is 'Scots Splash as England is drenched. "It a tale of two Britains yesterday as Scots basked in the sun while England and Wales were battered by thunderstorms and heavy downpours. Temperatures reached 21C in parts of the Highlands and 20C in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen.'

Well I left home this morning in cloud and it had been raining all night long; the roads were flooded in places. I was on my way to Berwick Upon Tweed to catch the train to London. Funnily enough as I crossed over the border to England it didn't start raining any harder. Not far out of Berwick on the train and the sun started shining.

The silly season has come early this year with nothing more to talk about than the weather - a story made more daft by the dumb attempt to prove that even Scotland's weather is better than England. The Scotsman's slide continues.

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