Sunday, July 01, 2007

Scary or What?

This Wednesday there's a documentary on BBC TV about Cherie Blair by Fiona Bruce. Not let me declare myself here. I have little respect for Mrs Blair (not sure you’re in the minority there – Ed) and as newsreaders go Fiona Bruce has always seemed more about pouting than news. In today's Sunday Times there's an article about Cherie by Ms Bruce and it's a great trail for the programme if you are in to sycophancy - "she’s clearly got a brain the size of a planet."

"It’s hard to think of a woman who’s been more written about, except possibly Heather Mills McCartney. And everyone has an opinion about her." - Princess Diana maybe? Paris Hilton? Karen what's her name from that daft pop group?

"Until now, Cherie herself has said almost nothing" What? Has FB been on the same planet? There was all those bloody speeches for charity, that TV programme with Carole Caplin and then there were the tears over the flat buying fiasco - her 'my little lad' moment.

Perhaps most amazing of all is the revelation that "she’s very dedicated to her family as well. Leo used to have assemblies on Thursday mornings and Cherie told me how the prime minister had his cabinet meetings moved for a while so he could go to them, too." He's the bloody PM for God Sake, not stacking shelves in ASDA - come to think of it they probably wouldn't let him have the time off. If it weren't so serious you'd think it was from a spoof TV show. "Sorry George, could we delay the attack on Iraq as I've got Leo's assembly to go to?"

"All around her say Cherie will cope fine with civilian life" Of course she will. There's the money, the houses, the fame, the list goes on and on. I'm sorry but I just don't buy Ms Bruce's take on the "bird in the gilded cage."

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