Thursday, July 26, 2007

Oh Ye of Little Substance - The Reviewers Nightmare No.67

Over the years the music press have delighted in having guest reviewers to pass judgement on new releases. In February 1983 the Melody Maker invited Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran to do the honours. 'Hungry Like A Wolf', 'Save A Prayer' and 'Rio' had all graced the top 10 in the previous year.

Amongst the singles was a new one from a band who had had two singles that had managed to make the top 75 (just) in the past two years. Their new song Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) was according to the Duranie keyboard player. “Little substance… passes without noticing. I’ve already forgotten how it goes and don’t expect to be remembering it in the near future. It lacks excitement and feeling waiting for the mega hook to no avail.” It was of course the record that broke the Eurythmics making No.2 in the UK and topping the US charts.


r morris said...

Are you suggesting that Duran Duran is not one of the greatest rock and roll bands of all time?

Richard Havers said...

Well I wasn't, but now you come to mention it yes! In fact why do they keep turning up at things? It's all a bit sad really.

r morris said...