Friday, July 27, 2007

The Good Life is a Green Life

According to an article in the Scotsman this morning that quotes John Seymour 'the godfather of self self-sufficiency'. "Nothing should be wasted on the self-sufficient holding. The dustman should never have to call." The reporter then goes on to say.

'Three decades later, this is a goal for all of us and one set by the SNP government, among others. There is also a growing grassroots rebellion against the worst excesses of the throwaway society. For the faithful, we should get used to the idea that second-hand clothes are not just for students; we must stop always buying new in preference for old, and repair things, rather than simply throw them away.'

It's a nice thought and one that we do our best to at least get close to, but fail miserably in achieving. However, there's one small problem. Our economy would collapse if we go down this route. Like it or not we are a consumer society and if we don't keep buying the whole thing will collapse like a house of straw.

Yes we need to do more but let’s start with sensible targets and realistic goals. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Let's turn off all advertising lighting after 2 a.m. That will save vast amounts of electricity and not affect our consumer spending one jot.

p.s. I have it on good authority that Mr Seymour wasn't averse to cut white loaves and Anchor butter rather than making 100% of his own!

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