Monday, July 30, 2007

Easy For Him To Say....

The Director General of IATA, the International Air Transport Association. Giovanni Bisignani has had a pop at the security that is in place at the UK's airports saying. "A particular focus will be the UK, where unique screening policies inconvenience passengers with no improvement in security. "The only beneficiary is the airport operator BAA that continues to deliver embarrassingly low service levels by failing to invest in appropriate equipment and staff to meet demand. This must stop."

Now I'm no fan of the BAA but the security measures he is assumed to be talking about is principally the one piece of hand baggage rule that has been applied by the British government. As I've said before the government are in a bit of cleft stick given the level of security threats against UK airports. Damned either way, and with potentially catastrophic consequences. Furthermore the BAA is now a Spanish owned company and the level of 'control' other than regulatory that the UK government can place upon them is limited.

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