Monday, June 25, 2007

The Weekly Quango

Scottish Development International is designed to 'help your business to invest in Scotland and take advantage of all that this fantastic country has to offer organizations like your own.'

First of all if you're on a Mac and running Safari, which most people on a Mac do, then their web site doesn't operate properly. Not a lot to ask of a web site developer to get this simple task sorted.

First section I checked out was 'Tourism' and the opening page it says - Here you can find out what makes Scotland such a strong centre for tourism. The headline reads - 'From spectacular natural scenery and adventure activities to whisky tasting to ancient castles to the Loch Ness monster, Scotland's tourism sector is varied and exciting." Oh please! The Loch Ness monster - you'd think we'd moved on a tad.

Apparently 'luxury and experiential holidays are on the increase in Scotland.' in case experiential is not a word that you use every day it means 'relating to experience'. Yes I'm struggling to see the relevance too.

SDI is a part of Scottish Enterprise and is probably costing us a pretty penny, and what do they really do? If you check out their news page it is mostly other companies press releases with little or no evidence for what SDI has done. I'd love to know their budget.

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