Sunday, June 10, 2007

Teacups, storms and a lot about nothing...

As a follow-up to the Alex Salmond row with the BBC the lovely Kirsty has apologised. "I hope you'll agree that the interview was conducted in a fair and robust manner, but I specifically want to apologise to you for the manner in which the interview ended. That the interview had run over time, and I had to end it quickly, was none of your doing, and I am sorry for the abrupt close." It appears under the headline 'Wark Sends Salmond A Personal Apology' in the Herald on Sunday. It confirms that the argument in her mind was all about how it ended and not the interview as a whole. You'd think from some of the hysterical comments on the Scotsman web site yesterday that she had insulted not just the First Minister but Scotland too. In fact there are over 900 comments, maybe the most they've ever had

A few of the best

"What happened the other night was a disgrace. she and those who employ her should be ashamed of themselves!"
"This interview was clearly biased, confrontational , rude and unprofessional."
"Kirsty was on edge about this because to disagree with Salmond is basically anti Scottish."
"It wasn't an interview, it was an angry woman that had to speak to someone that she didn't like."

There were a great number that were not in support of AS's position on this whole thing. However, I feel it's something we're going to have to get used to.

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