Friday, June 15, 2007

The Scotsman's Slide Continues

Any doubts about the Scotsman's decline from a once great paper will be confirmed with this headline - Swamp soccer makes the beautiful game dirtier than it has ever been. It is the third lead story on their web site, and I assume gets prominent display in the printed edition - ours doesn't arrive until the postman brings it around 10 a.m.

The story goes on to say, 'It's a burgeoning sport which may not cost participants much in the way of equipment, but threatens to bankrupt them with laundry and dry cleaning bills. A Scottish football enthusiast is spearheading the international expansion of swamp soccer, a grimy offshoot of the beautiful game. Played on boggy marshlands rather than pristine turf, the game has built up a cult following in Scotland, with the largest ever tournament due to begin tomorrow.'

It apparently started out in Finland (what does that tell you?) and is somehow linked to cross-country skiing and what do the participants in that sport find to amuse themselves when there's no snow. This weekend there's a competition attracting, apparently fifty teams from around Europe.

The Scotsman's circulation has been in free fall for quite a while now, their news coverage is becoming increasingly bizarre and stories like this confirm they have no intention of being a serious newspaper. I wonder what will happen next?


ian russell said...

it is the use of that word ''soccer'' that makes me wonder if their webwide endeavours include boosting their readership across the pond. or, possibly, it is just a use of alliteration.

why don't they just take up rugby?! ha ha.

Richard Havers said...

Now alliteration is the last, sometimes, first resort of all headline and advertising copy writers. I must admit I'm guilty of it myself...