Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Entirely Useless

The news that the EU has passed legislation about sporrans and whether the animal that was killed to provide its pelt, fur or whatever for the making of said garment was done legally got me thinking. Surely the European Union needs renaming - Entirely Useless

Then again the great thing about politics is that it provides employment, because what else would the majority of them do otherwise?


Crushed by Ingsoc said...

How do we sack the lot of the though, is the big question.

We kep hearng that we're their masters.

I'd like the chance to prove it.

Tom Paine said...

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michael greenwell said...

some of the EU stuff is absurd but a lot of it is go up by the press.

do you remember the thing about the bananas a few years back, if the bananas werent straight enough they were going to be banned?

well that was nonsense from start to finish. it was actually to do with giving favourable deals to ex-colonies of the UK and france but some in the business community didnt like it and therefore a ridiculous story was got up about it.

i would like to investigat the sporran thign a bit further before i could sya for sure what it was really about.