Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bring on the experts!

It's getting to the point where every subtle shift in the weather has the media crying Global warming! Today in the Scotsman they say. "Haar and low cloud have set in for much of the past three weeks, turning June into a muggy, damp squib after the deluge of last month, Scotland's fourth-wettest May on record." Of course April was the warmest and sunniest. Apparently the new worry is that we will be shrouded in more mist and haar in future and of course it's all down to Global warming. I used to rather like it when there were just peculiar, inexplicable shifts in the weather. The certainty of it all being the fault of GW has taken some of the fun out of even discussing the weather.

Years ago I worked with a guy who, during a particularly fraught time in the business when we were analysing everything down to the smallest degree, said. "We will know three seconds after we have gone bust precisely why we've gone bust." I rather think the same applies to the end of the world. Bring on the experts!


Anonymous said...

This is why the new preferred term is 'climate change'. So that every bad twist in the weather can be spun to the numpty in the street as Evidence

Richard Havers said...

I'd never really considered it until now but 'climate change' is the daftest thing to call it - whatever it is that's hapening. Climate by definition constantly changes.

r morris said...

Have you seen 'An Inconvenient Truth', about Al Gore and global warming? I watched it last week, and thought it was quite good. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to find out more about global warming (or lack thereof).
I initially figured it would be left-leaning propaganda, but it was compelling in its statistics-laden, low-key approach.