Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Blame & Claim Wreck Waiting To Happen

The culture of blame and claim is going to wreck this country. More and more people are being encouraged to take action against ‘somebody’ about ‘something’. The fact that our media wants to find a scapegoat for everything is partly to blame for this awful situation. In the latest daft case, an eighteen-year-old girl claims she was subjected to anti-English abuse at her school on Lewis in the Western Islands. Interestingly her solicitor has about thirty other cases pending. Is this solicitor indicative of every solicitor in the country? Are there tens of thousand pending bullying claims? No of course not it’s more than likely a strategy that he’s employed to somehow collect all these cases together.

The girl claims the local authority failed to protect her from bullies at the Nicolson Institute on Lewis and is seeking compensation for the alleged physical and mental abuse she received from other pupils. A gang of girls is alleged to have called her an "English bitch", causing her unnecessary pain and suffering.The girl’s solicitor has confirmed that his client had agreed to be the test case. "When Natalie decided not to continue we had to find another client prepared to carry the banner. Sophie has agreed to do that," he said.

In that statement you have the nub of the gist. Bullying is a terrible thing but to claim that the school could really have done anything about it is dubious. As a society this desire to find someone to blame for everything that happens is crippling our courts system, our national psyche and costing us in numerous other ways. While there may be an undercurrent of bullying in this case as a general rule we are telling people that personal responsibility has no place in our modern world because there’s always someone else to blame.

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