Monday, June 11, 2007

Be Careful What You Wish For

I'm indebted to my pal Andy Coupland for a 'be careful what you wish for moment'. In Scotland's efforts to become the best small country in the world it would appear that things are not going quite to plan. According to a survey by The Federation of Small Businesses their annual Index of Wealth compared 10 countries on economic performance, employment rates, health and education Scotland is bottom of the list. Our life expectancy rate was a major factor in it coming bottom. According to the survey Glasgow City is the worst performing local authority area in Scotland, with the poorest record in three of the four indicators: mortality, education and employment. Of course those in Edinburgh always knew that they were way above Glasgow in issues of morality - then again that notion dates back to before the Scottish parliament. For more see this BBC report .

Then again it's yet another 'survey driven' news report. These are increasingly setting our news agenda. I'm thinking of sending out a press release saying that a survey has revealed that amongst writers of, mostly, books about music living in the Lammermuir Hills, with two springers and a polytunnel, I'm the most successful!

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