Sunday, May 06, 2007

Yakety Yak, Could You Move Back?

Continuing the flying theme I had this email from my Dad this moring.

Yesterday Dunkeswell (a small airstrip in Devon - Ed) had an open weekend...the Tiger Moth joy-riding people were also operating the Beech 18 HB275/G-BKGM. and so as part of my birthday present (My father is 80 in a few weeks- Ed), went flying in it with Alan (my dad's friend- Ed). Took off in formation with Yak 18 HA-YAV which photographed us on a low-level circuit and fly-by, we then headed off to the coast at Branscombe, flew around the wreck of the Napoli in Lyme Bay, then out over the sea following the coast to Lyme Regis and back to Dunkerswell. At a special price of £50 for around 50 mins we thought it was very good value.
This is the Yak, taken by my dad.....he seems awfully close!


r morris said...

If you ever get a chance to take your dad up in a B-17 bomber, by all means do it. The US has three or four that still fly and they tour the nation. I am aware that they occasionally go to Europe, though I imagine few are up to such a long over-water trip any more.
One came through Idaho a few years ago. I think it cost $300 US to go up. My wallet wasn't fat enough, but if it had been, I'd have been up in a flash.
Happy birthday, John!

Anonymous said...

John Havers said..Dunkeswell is a former WW2 USNavy airfield with long runways not a strip!. The photo was taken by Alan Faupel, not me.

Richard Havers said...

As Christine would stupid boy!