Friday, May 18, 2007

Will The Gravy Train Ever Hit The Buffers?

The senior council official who recently got £130,000 in redundancy just months before he could have retired has said the "maniac who ran amok at that college in America, murdering 33 people, never got treated like I did". Comparing himself to the Virginia Tech killer Cho Seung-Hui seems a tad excessive. Many have felt a large amount of upset at the whole affair, and much of that criticism also seems to have been levelled at East Lothian Council. He was 59 when this happened and at 60 he was entitled to £55,000 a year pension and a lump-sum payment of £155,000

This kind of thing is not unusual but increasingly people whose pensions have been hit, people who are not in government supported pension schemes, or any pension schemes, and just those sickened by people who seem to disproportionately benefit from 'the system' are getting increasingly upset. I suspect over the next few years situations like this will continue to get exposure as the gap between those on gravy train pensions and those who are not widens. To make matters worse the council official now says he doesn't want his job back. I think that the outcry was as much about his 'normal' pension as it was the £130,000 redundancy.


For him it just did. He's been forced to resign without the £130K. His stupid remarks have cost him dearly.

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