Saturday, May 12, 2007

Scottish Borders Fudge

Unlike the situation in the Scottish Parliament there's no problem with a coalition being forged here in the Scottish Borders. The election result was, 11 Conservatives, 10 LebDems, 6 SNP, 5 Independent and 2 for the Borders Party. What have we ended up with? A Tory, Lib Dem and Independent coalition with one of the Independents as the leader of the council - what an absolute piece of nonsense. Why an earth do we bother having elections if this is the sort of cobbled together fudge that we end up with?

It creates no effective opposition, except they will all need to be on their toes to counter Nicholas Watson, the leader of the Borders Party. It seems bizarre that an independent is made leader when he is first and foremost an independent and the two biggest parties are then set to share the deputy leader role. If I had voted for the Tories or LibDems I'd be very annoyed.

Still, I shouldn’t really worry as it just makes the premise of the Border Party that much stronger and next time we'll see a major shift in the way the Councillors here in the Borders are elected.

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Gracchi said...

That does seem a bit silly- what do the Border party stand for- as a Londoner I've never heard of them before?