Thursday, May 31, 2007

Arise Sir David....

...Beckham? Have they completely lost the plot? Is he included in T. Blair's outgoing honours list or is it the Queen's idea? If the Evening Standard is to be believed there's a backlash against the idea from senior civil servants. Well if he's up for it what about Ally McCoist? Ally has made the nation laugh on Question of sport all Beckham’s managed is to make us laugh at his ridiculous hairstyles. Anyway, apart from anything else do we want, could we stomach and is it not beyond everyone's comprehension that we vould also have Lady Beckham? Let this lunacy stop!


David Ross said...

Altogether now........

He's fitba crazy, he's gone clean mad,
Fitba's gone and robbed him o' the wee bit sense he had.
It would tak' a washer woman his claithes tae rub and scrub,
Since oor Davie became a member o' the Galaxy fitba' club.

The first match that he went to play I went to see masel',
They had two hauf bricks for goalposts,
And a tin can for the ba',
The Band of Hope was present and all they did was stare,
An' when Davie's was ruffled they didnae seem to care.

Aye he's fitba' crazy he's gone clean daft,
Since he started playing fitba' his heid has gone right saft,
For he willnae drink a whisky and he's never in the pub,
Since oor Davie became a member o' the Galaxy fitba' club.

Anonymous said...

yeah ally has also cheated on his wife like beckham, and still does it to his girlfriend. whats funny about that?