Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Why Do They Do That?

We've got friends staying and for the first time ever, before she's had her breakfast, the little dog's done a runner. She does sometimes clear off over the fence when she's been out in the garden for a while and a rabbit or a pheasant gets her attention. Today Christine had gone to polytunnel world and when she got back the little madam was nowhere to be seen. We did a small search but of course there was the small matter of friends and their breakfast. She's still current AWOL - more news as it happens.


The dog came back three hours later having had a ball. There was no contrition on her part!

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r morris said...

That must have been a huge relief. We have three dogs--a labrador/beagle cross, a schnauzer cross, and a Taco Terrier (Chihuaua/Toy Fox Terrier Cross) and they are all an integral part of our family. Glad to hear you got her back okay.