Monday, April 16, 2007

Shame on the Scotsman

The Scotsman used to be a very good paper, but of late it's slipping down the slippery slope of tabloid garbage. In today's paper there's a headline that shouts.

Kate walks away from £5m kiss and tell over William, as Blair urges 'restraint' from media

This refers to a piece in the copy which says.

"Max Clifford, the PR guru, claimed he had been approached by people Miss Middleton regards as friends, wanting to sell the "inside story". But Mr Clifford said the most lucrative Royal story in recent years would be Miss Middleton's own - which could earn her around £5 million. However, he admitted this looked a highly unlikely possibility."

Now unless I'm missing something she's walked away from nothing, as no offer has actually been made. More to the point this is typical of that caring, sharing PR man Clifford who never misses an opportunity to get some PR for his own name.

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