Monday, April 09, 2007

Not So Green As He Thinks

In a speech on 5 February 2007 The Joker McConnell tried to make the point of how green was transport in Scotland was under Labour. He said. "Five years ago, (there were) 65 million journeys by train. Last year, 75 million" The speech overall was about how well Labour had done on environmental issues. What he failed to mention was that in 2001 there were 15.8 million passengers flying by air from Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen and five years later there were 20.6 million. A 15% increase in passengers travelling by train and a 30% increase in passengers travelling by air - there was also a 19% increase in the number of take offs and landings. The take offs and landings for the rest of the UK showed an increase of 7%.

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