Saturday, April 21, 2007

More Employment Opportunities

It appears Gordon Brown in writing his book Courage: Eight Portraits was assisted by Colin Currie and Kathy Koester. Currie has been a long time speech writer for Broon (do we pay for GB’s speech’s to be written or do the Labour party?). This information comes from an article in the Guardian a couple of days ago. Catherine Bennett says, “his helpers Cathy Koester and Colin Currie, have precis'd and sanitised” from other biographies to produce the Prime Minister-in-waiting’s book.

A quick google of Cathy Koester reveals she is a Senior Policy Manager for Creative & Cultural Skills. On their web site it says

For the past five Cathy Koester has worked as an adviser to Gordon Brown, Chancellor of the Exchequer, most recently as a special adviser in the Treasury, where she created and managed the multi-layered interface between Treasury ministers and Members of Parliament across economic policy. Cathy leads on policy relationships with central government departments and will support the CEO and Board to ensure the voice of employers is heard on all skills development issues. She is also responsible for our research, including our high profile Creative Choices and Creative Knowledge Lab initiatives.

On the front page of the CCS web site there’s a picture of Gordon under the banner ‘Cultural Leadership’ Click the link and it takes you to a page about the two year Treasury Funded investment in Excellence. In the 2005 budget Gordon Brown pledged an extra £12 million for management and leadership skills through CCS

Well, of course it’s all very cozy isn’t it?

The big question is, was it when she was a Special Adviser to Gordon Brown that Ms Koester was a ‘helper’ on Broon’s book. Who was paying for this? The Treasury? If it was then we were paying for it. Whatever the case it’s yet another example of the cozy ol’ world that seems to pervade Gordy’s world. Think what’s going to happen once he gets the power to go with his blind ambition.

It might not be such a funny old world.

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