Sunday, March 04, 2007


What will the Councillor's response be? Likely he'll attempt to pull the wool over everyone's eyes saying. "I did nothing wrong and was transparent about my shares on the council's web site."

This is clearly tosh as the fact is he SHOULD have made a declaration about the Spectris Group and their manufacturing parts for wind turbines prior to speaking in support of more wind farms in the Borders.

The fact is whatever he says mud sticks.

Why don't I like wind farms?

It's not purely nimby-ism, it's not that I think we shouldn't have any (although I remained to be convinced about their efficiency), it's more a case of the Scottish Executive has badly let the country down in their lack of leadership. (what do you expect? Ed). Well I expected they would have some kind of strategic view of wind farms, some kind of plan to decide where they should be placed rather than leaving it all to local councils to decide within what are pretty daft planning guidelines.

The truth is wind farms on land are little more than gesture politics. First and foremost politicians should be addressing the issue of saving power not finding new ways to generate more and generate money for the power companies, landowners and of course themselves (the little matter of VAT on fuel)

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