Friday, March 30, 2007

Two Kids, Too Healthy & Too Stupid

On BBC Breakfast this morning they had a lady who was described as 'A Mother of Two' in the onscreen message, who was complaining about the fact that in her kids school there were signs up everywhere encouraging them to eat healthy foods and take exercise. She said it was brainwashing these children and potentially dangerous as there could be the possibility of kids becoming too thin.

Now on the surface this woman appeared quite bright and quite articulate. She went on to say that she gave her kids packed lunch with white sliced bread, ham, crisps and chocolate biscuits. "The school even sends me notes saying I should put healthier foods in the lunch boxes. It's them interfering."

What hope can some kids have with parents as daft as that. Where do the BBC find such people?

Update - talking of stupid I just noticed my typo in the headline. I had Healty not healthy! Duh!

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