Thursday, March 15, 2007


If almost any one of our coterie of Government ministers had to get a job in the real world how long would they last?

Now I know that Tessa Jowell is not there adding up the numbers herself or is directly involved in the setting of the Olympic budget but surely isn't it about time someone said hang on a minute. When the original construction budget was announced way back in July 2005 (that was not way back, that's less than two years- Ed) the budget was set at £2.4 billion. It's been announced today that it's at £5.3 billion. In total the budget is £9.35 billion.

Let me say that I'm in favour of the games but you do have to question how anyone could get that sums that badly wrong. Oh hang on a minute this is the same lady who had no real idea how their mortgage affairs were being managed by her husband.

She's all fluff and no substance.


Just watched her performance in the House on TV. It was woeful. It beggers belief that this is a Minister of the Crown. The glibness with which she talks about billions gives no confidence that she has any grasp on what she's doing. The justification that this is all money well spent as it will improve London, bring greater prosperity and provide a boost for the economy is sounding increasingly hollow.

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