Monday, March 19, 2007

Not So Boy Brown!

I've just looked at Gordon Brown's wikipedia entry and found he's six weeks older than I am, which I found strangely comforting. I actually think I may switch my allegiances to him as I'm afraid most of the other choices, barring of course Grandpa Ming, are falling into the same category as policemen and pilots - they are all younger than me.

I’m wondering if we’ll see Brown in Scotland in the run up to the Holyrood elections. It’s a real dilemma for him. If Labour gets a trouncing in the polls (quite likely) then he’ll not want to be associated with the thrashing at the hands of the Salmon and Little Nicola. BUT can he afford not to be here to lend his weight to the campaign and show that he’s a Scot through and through and wants to do everything possible to help Six Pack back.

...and I was just kidding about changing sides, unlike Broon I know which side I'm on.

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