Thursday, March 22, 2007

Broadsheet or Tabloid?

The Scotsman is losing it. Yesterday their front page shouted the headline 'Is Stalinist that bad?' I'm not sure what planet the headline writer has been living on but yes it is. Today the headline is 'Income tax cuts and North Sea oil gloom wrong foot opponent.' The article then goes onto say that the budget was obscure and that it in the end is a neutral one.

Much play was made of Cameron's remark about finally a tax cut. I think last night's post addressed that.

More to the point here is the standard of the Scotsman's journalism. Could they not give us something approaching that which we expect from a broadsheet rather than a tabloid? I'm beginning to lose just a little bit of faith in the once great paper. There is little or no investigative journalism, they are more and more creating news through survey driven stuff (I know it's difficult with the internet breathing down print media's necks) but they should at least try and deliver. Lately I've also noticed a tendency to go along with corporate press releases just recycling the information rather than taking an objective view. It's more like local paper stuff than national daily.


The budget that is. Apparently Bill and Ben and another 19,134 people who have so far voted in the online BBC poll on the budget. Of these just about 60% think it was a budget that was bad for them while a further 20% are unsure leaving 20% saying it was good for them. It seems that Broon has wrongfooted very few.

This is the taste of things to come when Gordon gets in. His sanctimonius approach to all things will stiffle this country.

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