Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Blue-Eyed Soul Classic

I'm having a bit of a lost in the 70s, blue eyed soul week. Hall & Oates, 'Abandoned Luncheonette', THe Average White Band's White Album and the great Boz Scaggs and his 'Silk Degrees' record from 1976. It's one of those lift you up and make you feel good albums. Full of great melodies, brilliant playing and a lushness that was so hip at the time.

Standout tracks are 'Harbor Lights', 'We're All Alone' and the supremely funky 'Lowdown'.

The album peaked at No.2 in the US charts and spent more than tywo years on the charts. In the UK it struggled to No.37

Boz Scaggs was asked to contribute Lowdown, a song from Silk Degrees, to the soundtrack of a film about disco. He declined as he thought it wasn’t going to do that well. He opted for it to be used in the movie Waiting for Mr Goodbar instead. The film about disco was 'Saturday Night Fever', the soundtrack album stayed at no.1 in the USA for 24 weeks, a mere eighteen weeks in Britain, and grossed $50 million in the process. BIG loss of earnings

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r morris said...

An overlooked classic. Boz had a few other good albums, but this was his best.