Thursday, March 29, 2007


I'm fascinated by how much people living and working in big towns and cities spend every day in places like Starbucks, Coffee Republic, Neros etc. Take an average spend in a one of these places of say £4 for a large skinny latte and a muffin (that’s my guess at the price by the way, but whenever I go in that's how much it seems to cost). If that's a daily purchase, that's over £1,050 per year - even allowing for five weeks holiday and not buying one on a Saturday and Sunday.

I thought I would google around and see what a latte costs in America, my sense is that it's a lot less. According to the latest prices for a Starbucks tall latte is between $2.40 and $3.10 in the USA. Now my guess is that's half the price of a coffee in the UK. Are we mad?

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r morris said...

We have a Starbucks at the large Barnes and Noble bookseller here in Idaho (very few rich people here, by the way, though we do need a few doctors and lawyers and realtors). I'm amazed at the prices, do not pay them, and prefer to grind and brew my own java in the comfort of my home.