Monday, March 12, 2007


According to the blooger -

"Gordon Brown is to face his biggest challenge yet. To celebrate ten years of soft porn, badly acted imported soap operas and sit coms that make up Channel Five, Gordon is going to face a grilling by 10 year olds.
Perhaps they’re making far too much of this 10 year theme- got a man who’s done the same job for 10 years to be grilled by 10 year olds to celebrate 10 years of bad TV."

For me this just typifyies the level to which things have sunk. Does he really think this makes any sense at all? Does Bore Brown think that we will learn to love him (even a little bit) if he goes on the telly with a bunch of ten year olds and proves how very cuddly and nice he really is. The man's clearly lost it.

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